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Dressage horses for sale!

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When you are looking for a well trained dressage horse then you have found the right place!

Our dressage stables in Holland / The Netherlands (Europe) are specialized in training dressage horses that are for sale after a certain time. Perfection and reliability are our main priorities.


Horses for sale

Beautiful breads and golden characters and moreover a great way of exercising, are the basic requirements for a good horse. All this will make you fancy the horses and warmbloods of our stable.

Our horses take part in competitions, stallion contests and/or Pavo-cup.

To train the horse in the right way, we make use of qualified riders and professionals on the level of the GrandPrix. Full attention is paid to laying a solid foundation of the horse.

The sporthorses have been selected on their characters and particularly their qualities. They possess three good gaits and they will certainly be able to manage the higher tasks in the dressage sport.
We coach our horses to be successful FEI dressage horses, with the result that the new owner will experience a lot of pleasure and success.

Dressage horses for sale

Of greatest importance to us is the assurance that our horses will get a good home. We shall certainly pay attention to the fact that you and the horse will hit it off.

All our horses have passed a medical and X-ray test.

If we might not have the horse-of-your-dream at this moment, then we are certainly in a position of showing you more qualified sporthorses.

We maintain good relations with other dealers, so that we may still find the horse that fits you best.

Various new owners at home and abroad have preceded you. Dressage horses that we have trained and/or sold worldwide are to be found in Holland, England, USA, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Africa and Canada.

Whether you are interested in a decent broken, Prix St.George or a GrandPrix horse, we will always do our utmost to find the right horse for you.
We have 10 horses on one stable, so you don't have to make a lot of miles to find your dreamhorse.

For any questions you can always contact us by phone or email.

This website is also available in Dutch, click here for Dressuurpaarden te koop !
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Dressage horses

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Dutch dressage horses for sale, the place to buy and sell dressage horse and other sporthorses for dressage. Dressagehorses from our horse stables in the Netherlands (europe). We are selling and training talented KWPN & FEI warmbloods from (Europe) Holland, Germany, Spain and Belgium.
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